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I Make N100k Per orn Movie – Nigerian βorn Star, Savage Trap Queen (Watch Video)

According to Savage Trap Queen, when she started building a career in the porn industry, she was using a mask before she got over it. She further disclosed that she know she has a beautiful body, and is just making money off it.

This year alone, the porn star has featured in three adult movies; one lesbian sex shoot and two heterosexual sex shoot. Savage Trap Queen also disclosed that she might not be into the sex act, but her mom still loves her all the same.

Here is the video below;

Last year, in an insightful analysis, social media strategist and data analyst, Subomi Plumptre, revealed something we all suspected but never spoke of: Nigeria has overtaken the USA in terms of searches for porn – a nation twice our size and with deeper internet penetration. A cursory internet search also revealed that Nigeria has the 3rd largest viewership of gay porn in the world, and it gets more specific, Enugu state has the highest viewership of gay porn in Nigeria, closely followed by Oyo, Ogun, Rivers, Lagos, Abia and Cross River.

Pornography is an industry that has grown really fast. From the US alone, the industry generates roughly $10-12 billion every year. This is pretty surprising when you realize that making a porno or acting in one is not legal in most states of the USA. The market in Nigeria is on an upwards trajectory. Newly launched porn sites in Nigeria (like Freethinkers, which recently had its Twitter account suspended) are averaging 16,000 to 20,000 views every day.

A small number of Nigerian producers are creating a home-grown industry by making and sharing sexually explicit content online. Many of the pornography movies in Nigeria right now feature far less acrobatic sex, fewer closeups of penetration and a lot more kissing and lighter touching than American porn.