Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Children

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Children

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Children

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Children And All You Wish To Know.





Rev. Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa II (born December 22, 1972), widely known as Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II, is a renowned Nigerian pastor. He is a man of many accomplishments and a devout follower of his Christian beliefs. Admiration flows freely for this esteemed figure, who holds the mantle of a religious leader, a seasoned professional, and a thriving entrepreneur.

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II‘s presence in the religious domain evokes reverence and respect as he shepherds his flock with wisdom and compassion. His commitment to the spiritual journey resonates with his congregation, forging an unbreakable bond between shepherd and sheep.

Beyond his sacred duties, Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II‘s ventures in commerce have borne fruit, illustrating his innate entrepreneurial spirit and flair. A beacon of prosperity, his path inspires others to chart their courses toward success.

Bishop Feb Idahosa has etched an indomitable legacy in his professional sphere, proving himself a paragon of dedication and excellence. His achievements sparkle like stars in the night sky, illuminating the way for others to follow.


Full Name: Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa II

Stage Name: Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II

Born: 22 December 1972 (age 50 years old)

Place of Birth: Benin, Edo, Nigeria

State Of Origin: Edo State

Education: Oral Roberts University, George Washington University

Nationality: Nigerian

Height: 1.59 m

Parents: Benson Idahosa, Margaret Idahosa

Siblings: Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa

Spouse: Laurie Idahosa (m. 2002)

Girlfriend • Partner: N/A

Children: 3

Occupation: Pastor • Businessman

Net Worth: $30 million

Early Life & Education

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II, a revered Nigerian pastor, was born on December 22, 1972, in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He gracefully carries the torch of his father’s legacy, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, as an influential evangelist in his own right and his mother, Margaret Idahosa.

Embracing his spiritual calling with zeal, Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II shepherds the flock at the Church of God Mission International headquarters with wisdom and devotion. His magnetic presence and insightful teachings have touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the faithful.

Beyond the pulpit, Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II is an exemplary philanthropist, extending a compassionate hand to the less privileged. His net worth, estimated in the millions, serves as a tool to uplift and empower people in need, exemplifying generosity’s true essence.

Education, another cornerstone of his mission, receives ardent advocacy from Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II. With a prestigious academic background from institutions like Oral Roberts University and George Washington University, he recognizes the transformative power of knowledge. As the visionary behind Benson Idahosa University, he provides a haven for young minds to blossom and flourish.


Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II, an esteemed entrepreneur, and respected businessman, commands a diverse enterprise empire that inspires admiration. As the adept CEO of BIU Integrated Services Ltd., Chosen Properties, Pear Systems Development Company, DFI Nigeria, DFI U.S.A., and BIU Property Development Company, he deftly navigates the business sphere, providing exceptional services to clients both near and far.

His leadership prowess is a symphony of intelligence, divine wisdom, and empathy, harmonizing the needs of his beneficiaries, staff, and management to orchestrate remarkable progress and growth. Beyond the boardroom, Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II serves as the guiding shepherd of Faith Arena, a thriving church in Benin City, Nigeria, where hope and inspiration abound under his nurturing care.

An ardent philanthropist, Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II‘s generosity knows no bounds. Through the Bishop FEB Foundation, he has woven a tapestry of benevolence, offering scholarships, building schools and hospitals, and supporting various humanitarian endeavors, profoundly impacting countless lives.

Social Media

Instagram handle: Feb Idahosa (@febidahosa)

Twitter handle: @BishopFEB

Personal Life

Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II and Rev. Laurie Idahosa, united by destiny’s design, met as young souls in the enchanting city of Benin. Their tender bond, nurtured over 15 years, culminated into marriage in 2002. Together, they cherished the blessing of three precious sons, a testament to their enduring love.

As Bishop Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II assumes his spiritual mantle, presiding over the Church of God Mission International‘s headquarters branch in Benin City, his wisdom guides hearts on a profound journey. Beside him, Rev. Laurie Idahosa embodies grace as a reverend, an ethereal presence comforting all who seek solace.

Beyond their spiritual calling, they embrace the domain of academia as Administrators at Benson Idahosa University. Faith FEB Idahosa II, a visionary leader as the President, and Rev. Laurie Idahosa orchestrating Campus Life breathe life into learning.

Yet, their benevolence transcends these domains, for they shine as Proprietors of Nathan American Academy and Big Ben Children’s Hospital, epitomes of nurturing care and healing.

While Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II cherishes privacy in personal affairs, his virtuous teachings and philanthropy resonate, touching countless lives. His musings and reflections grace the digital sphere in rare moments, illuminating minds with wisdom.

Net Worth

Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II‘s accumulated net worth is estimated at $30 million, thanks to his successful business ventures and philanthropic activities.

He has invested in various sectors, including real estate, hospitality, and agriculture. Faith ‘FEB’ Idahosa II remains humble and committed to serving God and helping the less fortunate despite his wealth. He continues to inspire many people in Nigeria and beyond through his leadership and generosity.

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